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You stole Mommys Panties again?

Posted by Monique on 11th August 2011

Mommys Panties

Honey, how many times have I told you about running off with my panties? I know you have been sneaking in my lingerie drawer to get them… but you don’t have to do that. I want you to stand right in front of me and show me what you do with them..dont be embarrassed, I want to see what my boy does with them!

(888) 576-4859 ext.14

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Mommys Panties

Posted by Monique on 5th January 2011

You think Mommy doesn’t know you’ve been doing naughty things with her panties? I know……..I found that missing pair of my pink silk panties when I was flipping the mattress on your bed. I saw them,and I saw and felt how they were all stained and crusty too,and I damned well know how they got that way,too!

I can picture you now,your face buried in my panties I’ve worn all day that are all sweaty and damp from Mommy’s dripping pussy. I know you’ve gone through the hamper when I’ve been making dinner and masturbated with them. You think I didn’t notice they were wet when I went to wash them?

You naughty boy. Taking my panties and rubbing them all over your cock and cumming into them. I know I’ve seen you through the crack in your door even wearing them before you wrapped your cock around them and came in them. You really should be more careful and make sure your door is closed when you begin your pervy little routines and begin to masturbate with my lingerie.

I watched the entire thing from that door crack. Do you like knowing Mommy watched? 

You can Call Mommy at (888) 576-4859 ext.14

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