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Not Allowed To Cum

Posted by Monique on 17th December 2010



Sometimes if Mommy isnt pleased with your behavior, you will not be allowed to cum. Some of you have already experienced this, and I doubt you found it much fun because you werent expecting it. But I know there are some boys who like cum denial, so it wont matter to them. You never know when I am going to deny it, I am very patient, but I do have My limit!

You should be trying to be a GOOD naughty boy (wink)

Love, Mommy

(888) 576-4859 ext.14

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Have you been a good boy for Mommy?

Posted by Monique on 12th December 2010


Mommy Monique

Have you been a good boy for Mommy?  Or have you been getting into trouble, so that you need a punishment from Mommy?

Well, lucky for you, Mommy knows how to take care of both kinds of boys.  My good boys get lots of rewards.  Things like being held closely by Mommy, so you can bury your face in my big breasts.  If you’ve been a really good boy, I might let you touch Mommy all over!  Won’t that be fun?  I might even show you how Mommy can make her favorite little boy feel sooo good.  You’ll get to experience things you’ve never had before!

As for you bad boys?  If you don’t change your ways in a hurry, you’re in for a punishment!    Maybe I’ll make you spend the day in nothing but a pair of Mommy’s panties or, even worse, a diaper!   Then we’ll see how naughty you’re feeling after wearing a pair of lacy panties over your sore red bottom all day.

As you can see, darling, Mommy knows how to take care of all kinds of boys.

Don’t worry, though, baby.  Even though I’m quick to punish bad boys, I’m also quick to forgive them.  As soon as you show me you’re really sorry, everything will be fine.  Mommy doesn’t hold grudges.  My formerly naughty boys can become my good boys who get rewarded, too, if they’re willing to do what pleases me.

I can’t wait to talk with all of you soon, so give me a call for a for some nice Mommy phone sex.

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year


Mommy Monique

(888) 576-4859 ext.14

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How old are you?

Posted by Monique on 7th December 2010


I love my boys, and I want our time to be special when you are talking to Me…One of the first things I will ask you is how old you are…What I would like you to tell Me at that point is how old you WANT to be…it will give me an idea of how to proceed. Any age is fine with me, I love age play. I love making sure my boys are happy. I havent had many bad boys yet, hmm, you are all being good!

Dont forget, if you think you deserve a spanking for being a naughty boy, you must confess!

Kisses from Mommy

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Happy Holidays From Mommy!

Posted by Monique on 5th December 2010

Babies, I have to start my blog over again, had a major disaster, Dont worry Im still here.

You can Call Mommy at (888) 576-4859 ext.14

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